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Aug 02 2012

No river can return to it’s source…

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“No river can return to it’s source, yet all rivers must have a beginning.” ~Native American Proverb As of yesterday I am no longer a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. After almost 10 years, it feels really strange. So much has changed in my life recently…more demands at work and more demands from aging family members means […]

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Nov 23 2008

Gus Video

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I spent Saturday afternoon video taping Gus. Here he is:

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Nov 21 2008

Meet Gus!

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I have a new furbaby! He’s 8 weeks old and we named him Gus. He’s got the greatest personality and I’m already madly in love with him. Someone left a box of 4 kittens on the stoop at my friend’s vet’s office. Gus was the last one that hadn’t been placed. My friend called me […]

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Jun 13 2008

In memorium: My cat Q

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I’ve had a very sad week. My cat, Q, had been having breathing difficulties for the past month and we had been to the vet at least 5 times with each treatment failing to get a response. The vet thought he had a severe upper respiratory infection and we had him on all kinds of […]

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Oct 20 2007

My sweet hubby

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I have to brag about my sweet hubby.  My birthday was this month.  He secretly took the day off work and cleaned the whole house.  He wasn’t home when I got here…I walked in to my spotless house and there were beautiful flowers on the counter with a porcelain doll and card.  He had a […]

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Apr 08 2007

Happy Easter!

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I hope everyone is having a glorious Easter!  We’re headed over to my parents house to hang out, watch the little ones hunt eggs and eat a massive feast!  My 19 yr old son will hide easter eggs in the backyard for my two nieces, ages 10 & 6.  We also will have my son’s best […]

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Mar 30 2007

I have a blog!

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Welcome to my blog!   I actually can’t believe I have one!  Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to keep it updated.  I also hope the content won’t make you fall asleep! The weather is so beautiful today…much nicer than all the snow & ice we had this winter.  My saucer magnolia is blooming along […]

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