Nov 21 2008

Meet Gus!

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I have a new furbaby! He’s 8 weeks old and we named him Gus. He’s got the greatest personality and I’m already madly in love with him.

img_0797.JPG img_0798.JPG

Someone left a box of 4 kittens on the stoop at my friend’s vet’s office. Gus was the last one that hadn’t been placed. My friend called me on Wednesday night to see if I could take him. He said the vet hadn’t been able to place him and all the no-kill shelters were full. Being the softie that I am of course I had to take him. I was ready to get another cat anyway…since Q passed away, my other cat, Dexter, has really been missing him. We wanted to get him another buddy. Gus and my dog, Hermes, became instant friends. Dexter is a little stand-offish but I think he’ll come around soon. He was tolerant and not hissing so that’s a good sign.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Gus is so adorable. I would not be able to say no. Enjoy the little dickens. Make sure you post many more pictures. Kitties are the best!


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