Jun 01 2007

Garden Bliss

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I’m so excited…I’m finally going to work on my yard this weekend!  I usually put my flowers in by the middle of May but we’ve been too busy to do it.  I have beds in the front and back to plant, 3 hanging baskets, 4 hayrack planters and 5 large pots.  My favorites are my pots on the deck.  Here are some photos from last year to give you an idea.

 050708-041.jpg   100_20073.jpg   100_2008.jpg  

We also have a small pond in one of the flowerbeds below the deck.  You can stand on the deck, look over the railing and watch the fish.  We’re going this afternoon to get more Japanese Shubunkin.


A couple of years ago Brad put in a paver patio.  We love to sit around the firepit in the evenings.  We need to do some maintenance work on the patio this weekend also.


I have a small saucer magnolia that I moved from the side yard to next to the patio.  It bloomed for a very brief moment this spring before the frost got the blooms.

100_13821.JPG   100_13831.JPG

I don’t have pixs of my front yard or other clematis vines, I’ll try to take some later today.  The clematis are blooming like crazy right now. 

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  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful garden areas Steph!!
    I love to garden too.

  2. Paula says:

    pretty flowers. We are in the heat of summer here in Florida, and a bad drought, so I don’t have any blooming plants right now.

    Clematis is one of my faves; I tried to grow it here but failed. I think it’s too hot for it.

    Enjoy your garden.

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